There is no lack of fresh, deliciously prepared cuisine on the Monterey Peninsula. There are so many fine restaurants that one could visit a different one on each annual visit for the rest of their lives. The Monterey Peninsula is truly blessed as being one of the greatest food arenas in the world.

Aside from the incredible quality and assortment of fresh agricultural products available, the Peninsula is also blessed with a texture of ethnic flavor and style. The Native Americans, Spanish, Italians, Greeks and Portuguese brought to the Monterey Peninsula a knack for seafood preparation. The oriental culture through the canning and fish salting industries motivated another form of preparing fish. Seafood such as squid, salmon, sole, halibut, red snapper, ling cod and swordfish are brought in on a daily basis by fisherman whose families have harvested the local bay for generations.

Farmers in the Salinas Valley produce lettuce, cabbage, artichokes, garlic and a variable cornucopia of vegetable and fruits. Monterey Jack cheese, which originated here is a common topping on many dishes, particularly at Mexican restaurants. Coffee houses have recently sprung up throughout the area serving lattes and cappuccinos well into the night. Most restaurants serve a late-night fare and have lounges that stay open later catering to the night owls. Don't forget the night club scene, it's plentiful and there's something for every taste.


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